FORSAGE MOTOR FORCE STANDART is a series of advanced universal semisynthetic engine oils with improved protection features designated for gasoline and diesel engines. FORSAGE MOTOR FORCE STANDART oils series is based on highly purified mineral base oils with the addition of synthetic components and high-performance additive package. A shear-resistant viscosity modifier, is used in the production of FORSAGE MOTOR FORCE STANDART. FEATURES Oils of FORSAGE MOTOR FORCE STANDART series have the following features: The use of heavy-duty modifier ensures stable viscosity during oil’s operating life A wide range of viscosity grades ensures applicability of FORSAGE MOTOR FORCE STANDART series in all climatic zones Efficient engine protection from deposits in cylinders, on pistons and rings Ensures efficient cooling of engine parts and protection from overheating

Lubricants, industrial
  • Lubricants for cars
  • Mineral Motor oil
  • Gasoline engine oil

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