Advent calendar box with double-hinged lids

Box with PET window, board frame tray, dividers and 24 folding cartons


Advent calendar box with doubled hinged lids, PET window and board frame tray. Permanent cardboard dividers to create 24 cavities to hold a folding carton in each cavity. Box made of 157gsm art paper, 1200gsm greyboard, 400gsm art card for folding cartons and 0.3mm clear PET for windows. Box size, window size and shape, number and layout of folding cartons can be designed based on customer's product. Unique design for food packaging including tea packaging, chocolate packaging, dried fruit packaging, candy packaging, biscuits packaging and more. This product is not just a packaging box for your product, it could be a puzzle toy after your products are used out ! Keep the folding cartons and turn them over, the illustrations on the back of each folding cartons is a part of whole illustration. Get them organized at specified sequence will make up the whole image. It is a good puzzle toy to keep kids busy.

Boxes and trays, storage
  • Advent calendar box
  • chocolate gift boxes
  • Food packaging

Product features

PET Window Make the products visible
Permanent Dividers Keep products in position
Folding carton with diecut hole Make it easy to take the products out
Intergated illustrations on folding cartons Make the product to be a puzzle toy to keep kids busy

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