Aerosol generator


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Aerosol generator “MAG” is intended to extinguish fire of A,B,C and E classes in enclosed spaces. The extinguishing agent is safe for human and doesn’t require people evacuation. The fire extinguishing occurs due to a chemical reaction therefore interfering in combustion process with no oxygen isolation. The actuation of the generator occurs by means of linear heat detection under given temperature (short circuit of electric buttery takes place) or by means of Fipron-Cord when placed in the seat of fire.

Fire protection equipment
  • fire-extinguishers
  • Fire prevention equipment
  • fire fighting

Product features

Extinguishing volume From 50 liters up to 200 liters
Maximum supply voltage of electrical equipment Up to 35 кW
Operating temperature From -50°C up to +60°C
Response temperature +120°C
Type of extinguishing agent Fire extinguishing aerosol
Fire classes A, B, C, E
Range of devices MAG 50, MAG 100; MAG 200
Warranty time 5 years
Main advantages High efficiency of fire extinguishing
Main advantages Effective extinguishing of liquid, solid and gaseous substances (oil, gas, etc.)
Main advantages Specifically for equipment protection
Main advantages Extinguish A,B,C,E fire classes
Main advantages No maintenance required within up to 5 years
Main advantages Easy to install
Main advantages Safe for human; don’t damage equipment
Main advantages No pressure excess inside the generator
Main advantages Extinguish by means of fire suppression with no oxygen isolation
Area of using of the device Motor vehicle compartments: cars and sports cars, armored cars, buses, trucks, special equipment
Area of using of the device Motor, luggage, instrument compartments, electrical cabinets of railway transport
Area of using of the device Electrical equipment - radio and television equipment, computers, monitors, servers, devices

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