In the aerospace industry we specialize in the production of rolled aluminum plate and sheet materials for fuselage and wing structure components according to standard or customized specifications. The aerospace industry is building new aircraft to accommodate a growing number of air passengers and to replace older, less efficient planes with newer, more fuel-efficient models. Aluminum offers a high strength-to-weight ratio, energy efficiency, and high tolerance to extreme temperatures- making it an ideal material for the manufacturing of aircraft. It can also be recycled repeatedly, making it a good choice as manufacturers pursue sustainability initiatives. We have introduced new low-density alloys that represent an innovative step forward for aluminum in aerospace. Weight-savings from these new alloys translate into fuel efficiency and lower operating costs for the airline industry.

Aluminium sheets and bands
  • Rolled aluminum plate
  • Aluminium sheet materials
  • wing structure components
  • low-density alloys
  • lower operating costs
  • Energy efficiency

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