A Daily AM & PM skincare kit with 5 travel sizes, TSA travel friendly products. Use this as a travel kit or a starter kit comfortably since the kit comprises products for every skincare routine steps (cleanser, serum and moisturizer) all inside a pouch. * Pore Mask deep cleanses the skin. * Moisture Aqua Serum along with Caviar Fluid hydrate and help with cells renewal. Caviar Cream seals in moisture and feeds the skin with essential nutrients. * Usage overtime reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, removes dullness, and improves uneven textures. - pore mask 20ml - nutrient toner 15ml - caviar protein fluid 15ml - moisture aqua serum 20ml - age defying caviar cream 20ml <Our Company> The OxygenCeuticals is the No.1 brand by the products of pure oxygen skincare in South Korea. OxygenCeuticals brand is well known and established and most popular in this field of area (Aesthetic and Dermatology).

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