Tapered Cork Stopper Advance-Cork offers only the highest quality tapered corks, offered in X/C, XX and XXXX qualities. Tapered corks are an excellent choice for sealing or stopping openings in a wide variety of applications. They are effective for both liquid and solid mediums. The light weight, resilience and compressibility of the corks are a few of the outstanding qualities. Cork stoppers are chemically inert and are moisture resistant. All tapered cork sizes are available in either natural or composition cork varieties. Advance-Cork offers the highest quality of regular, short, extra long, extra extra long tapered corks in xx, xxx, xxxx, and extra select grades. Custom manufacturing or higher quality cork is available by special request. Tapered sizes can be gotten in agglomerates. Boring / Drilling, Partway Boring. Give us a sketch - we'll make it !

Cork, undressed
  • Wooden stoppers

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