/ Process Agitators Standard Agitators On the field of mixing technology MPT cooperates with Milton Roy Mixing Co. Milton Roy Mixing is the leading French agitator manufacturer based in Samoreau near Paris. More than 70 % of the agitators produced there are sold outside the EU. Milton Roy Mixing was founded in 2003 as a division of Milton Roy Europe after the takeover of the agitator manufacturer Robin. For covering all agitator-related requirements two product ranges are manufactured and offered.  For conventional applications in water technology the HELISEM standard agitators are available as stated in the table below. Typical applications are: Mixing liquids, Producing different suspensions, Homogenizing substances in neutralizing plants, Producing lime suspensions, Dissolving solid matters, Homogenizing polyelectrolyte solutions, Flash mixing in coagulation plants, Flocculation processes.  Depending on the application and the container volume, the suitable agitator model

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