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Agricultural Net


Product Numbers: FLAG02 Product description:*Nagaimo net(Diamond shape) (ナガイモネツト菱目) *100% PE raw material INTRODUCTION: Nagaimo net(Diamond shape) (ナガイモネツト菱目) *is a solid versatile plastic mesh, designed to provide both vertical and horizontal support to climbing plants or vegetable *Material: 100% PE raw material *Color: Green + White + Red *Twine: 380D/6ply, 9ply, 15ply, 24ply *Mesh: 36cm, 42cm, 48cm *Width: 1.5Mtr, 1.8Mtr,2.1Mtr,2.4Mtr, 2.7Mtr, 3.6Mtr etc. *Length: 100Mtr, 180Mtr, 245Mtr, 260Mtr, 360Mtr etc. *Package: folded and put into a plastic bag with customer's label

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