WHY TO USE PERLITE IN AGRICULTURE? » Perlite ensures soil aeration and improves its drainage with over 90% porosity and around 60% aeration porosity. » Perlite provides economic irrigation. » It does not carry weed seed or illness thanks to its inorganic structure. » Perlite does not cause saltiness and alkalization problems thanks to highly reduced amount of soluble ions contained. » It regulates the PH of the soil easily as it is neutral (PH=6.5-7.5). » Thanks to its low heat conductivity, it minimizes the harmful effect of daily temperature changes on the plant. » In soilless agricultural activities, it ensures protection of its properties after sterilization offering 5-6 years of use life. It provides early cultivation of yields. » It prevents damage and loss at seedling roots. » In order to eliminate the problems experienced in the greenhouse soils which gradually become exhausted, perlite use in soilless agricultural applications have increased over the recent years.

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