Air Condition Cleaner - automotive

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Product Description Klima Cleaner is a fluid disinfectant for air conditioning and ventilation systems. It comes in an aerosol can with a one-shot valve. As the can empties itself, it uses the air circulation system to diffuse and atomise the sanitizer throughout the entire empty vehicle. Eliminates and continuously prevents a re-emergence of bacteria, fungi and mould Eliminates hotbeds of germs Stops unpleasant smells forming Prevents irritation of the eyes and respiratory tracts Safe for humans and animals No adverse side effects on the air conditioning or the vehicle interior Effective and safe Klima Cleaner is available in seven different scents: Unscented, fresh water, lemon, apple, vanilla, peppermint and leather This product is certified to BS EN 1276:1997 and BS EN 1650 (Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics) and tested as safe and non-flammable when used in vehicles. In contrast to similar products, Klima Cleaner is classified as “non-flammable”. Under normal,...