Air Cushion Vehicle

Jetter is an all-purpose off road vehicle


The Jetter air cushioned vehicle is specially designed for those who value reliability, quality and individuality in every way. Having a huge range of use, starting from river cruises and extreme recreational activities to major cargo transportation tasks, Jetter will allow its owner to be on the go regardless of the season and weather conditions. Due to its mode of operation - moving by means of air injection under the bottom - the Jetter is suitable for operation on almost any type of surface, whether water surface, swamp, ice-slick, hummocks, sand or snow. Uphill and low obstacles are also within its power. The Jetter's impressive performance data, high-tech performance and innovative design are the choice of strong-willed and confident people. JETTER IS PERFECT WHO PEOPLE WHO: - Not used to restrictions - Leads an active lifestyle, cannot imagine the life without drive and speed - Appreciates quality, reliability, comfort - Stands out for its bright personality

  • Off-road vehicles
  • Speedboats
  • hovercraft
  • special vehicles

Product characteristics

Empty vessel weight, kg not exceeding
Loaded vessel weight, kg not exceeding
Passengers capacity, number of people
Engine power, h.p.
Fuel capacity, l
Fuel consumption, l/h
Travel range (under wind conditions up to 5 m/s), km
up to 280
Vessel speed under wind conditions up to 5 m/s
on the water surface - up to 75 km/h
Vessel speed under wind conditions up to 5 m/s
on ice and snow-covered surfaces - up to 90 km/h
Outdoor temperature during operation
From -30ºС to +40ºС


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121205 Moscow - Russia


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