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Type 330/335/340 Instrument Air Filter Regulator & Air Regulator Series  - CONTROLAIR


The Type 330/335/340 Series of Instrument Air Filter Regulators and Air Regulators are designed to provide clean, accurate air pressure to instruments, valves, and other automatic control equipment in a lightweight, compact housing. These quality instruments are constructed of durable materials that will provide long lasting corrosion resistance in harsh industrial environments.The Type-330 Filter Regulator with Automatic Drain automatically flushes out condensate waste liquid when a change in air flow occurs or when the supply pressure is reduced. The low maintenance Automatic Drain helps prolong the life of the regulator and filter by preventing corrosion on the bottom of regulator and reducing the load of the filter. Materials in the Type-335 NACE Filter Regulator meet NACE MR-0175 requirements (available in 1/4" only). The Type-340 Regulator is designed to provide accurate, constant control under variable flow rates and supply pressure. ASK FOR A QUOTE

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