ECO BOOSTER is an inexpensive version of the AIR DUSTER for computers, photography, hobby …For the non-contact and residue-free removal of dust particles, lint and various abrasives. Gas purified multiple times is the basis – the additional “booster” acts as pressure reinforcement Eco Booster consists 100% of combustible material, plus a special technology to improve the relatively low pressure – of the much cheaper – gas. Compared to the other GREEN CLEAN AIR POWER products, the pressure and the capacity is less. (see technical description) DUSTING TOOLS turn your AIR POWER PRO into a multifunctional tool for cleaning by blowing or suction action, with antistatic effect or with extensions. Dusting Tools: GREEN CLEAN – Top Ventil # V-2000 GREEN CLEAN – Antistatic Set # V-2100 GREEN CLEAN – DualExender Set # V-2200 GREEN CLEAN – Mini Vac # V-3000 Eigenschaften: pressure-reinforced by the GREEN CLEAN “BOOSTER chemically inert especially cost-effective


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