Air cooled condensers
Air cooled condensers  - REFRA, UAB


Air cooled condensers are designed to be used in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. Heat Exchanger is produced with copper tubes and aluminum fins that formed self spacing collars which guarantee the maximum heat transmission and efficiency. We use seamless smooth copper tubes or inner grooved copper tubes to increase heat transfer, nominal tube diameter 3/8”, 5/16’’ or 1/2” depending on heat exchanger. Can be used aluminum fins, aluminum coated fins (epoxy, hydrophilic) and copper fins. The fin spacing available - 1.41; 1.58; 1.81; 2.12, 2.31mm. Fan motors. Axial fans are guard mounted with external rotor motors, insulation class - F, IP54. Single-phase or three-phase fans are used to obtain different sound levels for each available fan diameter. Frame and Casework. The coil casing is formed from heavy galvanized sheet steel, aluminum or stainless steel. The case can be finished with polyester powder paint optionally. Certifications and reliability.

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