Air heater - TAC XT

Air heater - TAC XT
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The unique and mobile all-rounder for professional H14 HEPA air purification, high-performance room heating, thermal decontamination and thermal disinfestation Heat, treat, repeat. Our vertical heater exclusively available at Trotec: HighPerformance for four different applications The concept of a basic device that can be combined with variable equipment variations – all "made in Germany" – makes the TAC XT an ultimate air handler offering a brand new range of applications, and therefore the maximum investment security possible. 18 kW heating capacity (27 kW optional), a ventilation performance up to 2,500 m³ that can be adjusted by means of several stages and an outlet temperature that can be flexibly set to 75 °C max. make the TAC XT an optimal device for many specific tasks: High-performance air purification and virus filtration Fully automatic room heating with or without HEPA air purification Thermal disinfestation Thermal decontamination of rooms and surfaces

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52525 Heinsberg - Germany