Air/CO2 Nucleation unit for discontinuous production lines


Polyurethane foam is primarily a cellular plastic. The properties of this die depends mainly on two factors, the structure and composition. The cell structure is formed by the action of blowing agents. The more the structure is fine and homogeneous, the more mechanical properties of the polyurethane foam is good. The chemical composition also between largely in its mechanical strength. A homogeneous mixture stoichiometric gives the polyurethane foam its optimum mechanical properties. Nucleation (air, CO2 or nitrogen) enters the like using a part of the mechanical expansion. When physical agents are used to form the cells, the gas phase of foamed plastic is chemically identical to that of the blowing agent. This technique has encountered difficulties of implementation, recently solved by adding the function of the miscibility of gas into a liquid through a set of changes associated with a system for mixing and homogenisation pressures of high performance. The direct effects of...

Product features

Max. flow rate 26 l/min
Viscosity Polyol 100—2500 mPas at 20° C
Gas supply 8 bar minimum—60 bar maximum
Power supply 400 V—3 phase—50 Hz—20 ADSC01032A
Control voltage 24 V
Dimensions approx. length 1570 x width 900 x height 160

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