State Automations AirLED driver is a high performance LED Driver with 6 constant Current Outputs. The control input is either via DMX 512 data or 0-10V analogue or simple ON/ OFF contact closure. Support for Dali and KNX control is pending. The driver offers support for individual fixtures or multi circuit fixtures such as Dual White or RGB or RGBWA. State Automation’s AIRLED range of LED Drivers offer the latest LED Adaptive Interactive Response (AIR) control, AIR is a new technology developed by State Automation to ensure smooth responsive dimming performance when using the latest high intensity LED’s. AIR technology allows your LED luminaire to respond in the most professional manner to 8 bit control data, converting this “steppy” 8 bit signal into a control signal that ensures smooth dimming, precise levels and the responsive performance that you expect from a professional automated lighting control system or a manual slider on a lighting desk.

Light-emitting diode LED
  • incandescent lamps
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