Air-air-pressure amplifier (booster) with controller, G 3/8

Pressure multiplier with pressure regulator


Article number: 101532 Type number: B-924 EAN code: 4047322284943 Air-air-pressure amplifier (booster) with controller, G 3/8, Piston 63 mm, Reinforced 1:1 up to 1.6:1, Input pressure 2 - 10 bar. Pressure multipliers (boosters) allow a separate compressed air store with up to double pressure to be installed for selected devices in a compressed air system without an external energy source, i.e. it is possible to work with a maximum pressure of 20 bar in a standard 10 bar system (maximum ratio 2:1). This is achieved using a double piston, which is operated by a combination of integrated check valves in such a way that the booster works automatically until the target pressure is reached in a compressed air tank and is then automatically switched off. A tank is always required to build up the pressure and store the compressed air! Operation with filtered, unlubricated or lubricated compressed air possible (if lubrication is used, it must be continuous).

Product features

Packaging Unit 1
Quantity min 1
Housing Anodised aluminium
Jacket Anodised aluminium jacket
Max. input pressure 10 bar
Max. output pressure 16 bar
Max. temperature range 60 C
Min. input pressure 2 bar
Min. temperature range -10 C
Mounting options Any position, with 4 mounting holes
P2 1 to 1,6:1
Page No. HK132
Piston 63 mm
Pressure regulator with plastic body
Sealant NBR
Thread G 3/8

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