We fully monitor everything : Based in BRU International Airport, our Aircraft On Ground AOG Logistic Desk is reachable 24 hours and offers a Tailor Made Service. We monitor the pick-up day or night, the delivery to the airline, the export procedures. We track and trace the plane, make sure the shipment has been loaded, arrived safely to destination. We make sure it’s offloaded and loaded straight away to a dedicated van for the final delivery. Hand carry – On Board Courier link Europe same day delivery link Air Charter 24/24 link International emergency air freight / Next flight Out link One dedicated manager follows the status of the AOG shipment every step of the way from the pick-up to the delivery. AOG – Aircraft On Ground is a term used by aircraft maintenance crews and Airlines when a mechanical problem happen and makes the plane unsafe for flying. The plane is then grounded and an aircraf on the ground cost money (An AOG situation can cost as much as 100 000 USD an hour taking into account the lost revenue). Therefore, the goal of our AOG logistic support desk, will be to keep the time of the aircraft grounded as short as possible, getting the required spare parts from anywhere in the world to the aircraft waiting for maintenance in the shortest time possible. Given the thousands of aircrafts flying worlwide, Aircraft On Ground situations happen every day, 24hours a day and on every continent. The strenght of Air Time Critical is to offer a global coverage, an immedaite answer and a local knowledge with operational capabilities in Europe / East and Central Europe – Asia – Indonesia – India – United States.

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