LIQUID, SEMISOLID Nasal, Ophthalmic, Topical, Oral Use The AirlessMotion products can be combined with numerous dispensing units for: horizontical or vertical outlets spray, dropper or lotion pumps snap, crimp or screw neck design push button or trigger activation Airless container for pump & squeeze application AirlessMotion Reaching the utmost level of integrity sterility without preservative agents also during multiple use of a dosing system, requires highly engineered packaging. First of all, the container itself has to match these needs. A multilayer bottle has been evolved into a hybrid packaging consisting of a rigid bottle layer and a flexible, contracting integrated bag. The resulting system allows an airless pump not to vent the container with contaminated air during multiple applications, also if there are longer pauses in-between. Numerous patents are protecting the IP of product, function and process. Benefits of the system (B2B) Formula without preservative...

  • pharmaceutical packaging

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