Bruker delivers the complete gold standard radiation dosimetry system EPR has long been used as a quantitative tool to study the effects of radiation. Ionizing radiation produces free radicals in many forms of matter that can be quantitatively detected by an EPR spectrometer, resp. EPR dosimetry. The EPR spectrometer works by measuring energy level transitions of unpaired (free) electrons at a specific resonant frequency within a variable magnetic field. Features Alanine forms a very stable free radical when subjected to ionizing radiation. The alanine free radical yields an EPR signal that is dose dependant, yet is independent of the dose rate and energy and is relatively insensitive to temperature and humidity. Thus, alanine dosimetry is equally suited to Gamma, E-beam, or X-ray irradiation facilities. Alanine dosimeters are available as pellets or films depending on the application. - 1% accuracy or better - Dose rate independent - Detection limit below 1 Gray - Accurate from...


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