Albira Si, the next generation of molecular vision technology, is more powerful, more flexible and easier to use than ever, redefining what you can expect and supporting your research to new levels In vivo imaging technologies are at the core of advanced preclinical research. Understanding dynamic biological processes, gene expression, enzyme and protein activity, progression and treatment of diseases, biodistribution, pharmacodynamics or pharmacokinetics of new drugs in repeatable, longitudinal studies is building a better future for everyone. PET imaging is at the forefront of this revolution, and Albira Si, the first commercial SiPM-based PET, is delivering the promise of this technology, Full Field of View Accuracy (FFA), in imaging and quantification. Reinforced by high performance, seamlessly integrated SPECT and CT, and fully compatible with MRI, Albira Si is setting the new standard in what you can expect from the best molecular imaging technology. Truly multimodal,...


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