Aldea Ald100 Set Wireless Room Thermostat

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Aldea ALD100 SET wireless room thermostat is the component that is extremely easy to install and use and maximizes energy efficiency in a heating system. Connect the receiver to your existing combi boiler, heat pump, etc. After connecting it to your device, you can start using it directly by placing the transmitter either on the stand or on the wall hanger in your environment. The product controls whether your heating device will be activated or not, depending on the ambient temperature you are in and the temperature value you specify. When the temperature drops 0.5 °C below the level you set, the thermostat activates and enables your device to work, and when the ambient temperature reaches 0.5 °C above the value you set, it stops your device from working.

  • Heat pumps, industrial
  • heat pumps
  • heating systems
  • industrial heating

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35070 Izmir - Turkey