HIGHLY EFFICIENT AND PRODUCTIVE – foam „lifts“ the dirt from the surface – optimal and gentle grease removal. For solid glass, metal and plastic surfaces. OFFICE: Removes grime from monitors, glass surfaces, computer housings, telephone systems, headphones and printers. ENGINEERING: Fittings, tools, varnished surfaces, (even weather-worn plastic can be refurbished), streak-free shine for chrome parts. CARS: Easily cleans all glass, chrome and plastic parts. Completely removes insects, grease stains and grime from the car body and the windows. SERVICE: Highly efficient and at the same time gentle universal cleaner. Easy to use for all hard surfaces – therefore ideal for maintenance and service. HOUSEHOLD: Easy removal of grime from mirrors, windows and frames, TV and Hi-Fi units, telephones and mobile phones. SPORT: Conserves and spotlessly cleans bicycles, motorbike parts, skis and ski boots, boats, surfboards, sailing and diving equipment.


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