ADSS nonmetallic strength member, loose tube stranded filling, PE sheathed, self-bearing communication outdoor optical cable. Its structure is to insert fiber into PBT loose tube and to fill thixotropic compounds, and central strength member of cable core is the FRP (optical cable structure with a large number of core needs to squeeze a layer of PE cushion). Loose tube and possible filling rope are twisted together around the central strength member by way of SZ stranding, gap in cable core is filled with water blocking compounds, core cable is extruded with a layer of inner polyethylene sheath, and inner sheath are wrapped outside with aromatic polyamide fiber and then is squeezed with a layer of polyethylene (or tracking resistance) outer sheath. Rated temperature: -40~70℃ Laying method: self-supporting, overhead Scope of application: electric power system, high voltage transmission line, installed with the pole Package method: according to customer’s requirements

  • adss calbe
  • optical fiber cable
  • single mode cable

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