Alphaline 90

PVC Systems


Next generation of windows and its system This moment was long expected by the window producers, architects and investors: the new ALPHALINE 90 – VEKA window profile now available on the Polish market. It is just as expected – exceptional! The first 90mm system. There has not been yet a series production 90mm uPVC profile system. The additional 20 mm improves the thermal insulation by up to Uw = 0,4 W/m2K, and that is an exceptional result. But ALPHALINE offers even more. As many chambers as there should be. Size of the chambers is not enough to improve the thermal insulation. The innovative ALPHALINE system has only 6 chambers but these are a result of months of work in the laboratories. The result being a structure having a refined shape and adequately thick external and internal frame. Its parameters are better than those of many other systems with more chambers. If you are looking for a way to improve your heat insulation, choose ALPHALINE. Glazing the U factor A further...

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