The artichoke (Cynara cardunculus), which is native to the Mediterranean region, has been grown in Sicily since the classical period of ancient Greece. Traditionally, artichoke leaves are used for the symptomatic relief of digestive disorders, such as functional dyspepsia, and to reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel (sensation of fullness, bloating and nausea) (1-11). ALTILIXTM is a powder extract obtained from the leaves of a particular cultivar named Cynara cardunculus var. altilis DC, by using aqueous extraction methods. BIONAP has selected this specific cultivar because of its high concentration of biophenols and its resistance to severe weather conditions. Artichoke leaves are used in folk medicine for the detoxification of the body and for the gastro-intestinal well-being (1). WHAT IT DOES Bioactive compounds contained in artichoke leaves have been shown to have a diuretic and detoxifying activity. These effects are attributed to the caffeoylquinic acids and flavonoids (2). T

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