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Alu-Wood Cladding Windows outward opening


Alu-Wood ‘TT’ Windows A range of Alu-Wood windows and doors is made of a solid wood from the interior side with additional protection of aluminuim cladding on the exterior side of the product. Such a combination of wood and aluminium guarantees low maintenance costs, energy saving, andhigh resistance to adverse weather conditions. ‘TT’ is a symbol (abbreviation) of inward opening windows based on German technology of ironmongery (Turn & Tilt or Tilt & Turn). What’s more, the aluminium cladding is available in various finished designs – Classic, Rondo, Contour, Quadrat FB, Retro, Linear – that not only increases the performance of windows and doors but also maintains elegant and modern which is associated with wood craftsmanship.

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  • wood-aluminium windows
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