Aluminium Stretch Frame Partition Wall incl. Crystal Clear PVC Banner

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The partition wall consists of an aluminium stretch frame, which stands on two stable base plates. It is supplied with a crystal-clear banner made of foil, which is sewn all around with a flat welting. The barrier wall is ideal for implementing distance rules and separating areas. At the same time, the transparency of the room means that it is always completely visible. This is particularly advantageous where eye contact is important, such as in the dining room of restaurants. Likewise, the optical perception of the room is preserved by the transparency and is not negatively changed. Another banner can be clamped into the frame at any time. We are happy to offer you your individually printed textile banner or a sound insulation variant. We recommend warm dishwashing detergent solution for cleaning.

  • Plate glass and mirrors
  • Countertop Sneeze Guards

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46419 Isselburg - Germany