Aluminium heat exchangers for generator circuit breaker,

constructions for energy


In 2015 a team of researchers at Base Group accepted the task of creating unique production technology for aluminium heat exchangers for generator circuit breaker, also called coolers. In the course of research and conducted tests we succeeded in defining the production process which met strict Clients’ needs. Our products fulfil high expectations of upmarket Clients, which is confirmed with 100% quality control of produced heat exchangers. To guarantee the top quality of every single item produced by Base Group we perform helium tests in vacuum at the level of 1×10˄-6 bar × cm3/s and pressure tests (more than 62 bars). The results obtained by us are more credible than similar solutions offered by French or Italian producers.

Structures, aluminium
  • aluminium welding
  • coolers
  • Cooling systems

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