The honeycomb panel is mainly composed of three parts: panel, honeycomb core and bottom plate. The honeycomb panel has the choice of double-sided and single-sided color, so any ople choose to use honeycomb panels for partitioning, which is both beautiful and practical. The honeycomb panel has the characteristics of sound absorption and heat insulation, tpreservation and energy saving, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor curtain walls, partitions and ceilings, but aluminum honeycomb panels are widely used as indoor curtain .neycomb panels are divided into aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels. The surface treatment processes of aluminum honeycomb panels are spray coating, ollcoating, film coating, wood grain transfer, and the surface treatment processes of laminating and wood grain transfer are rare.

Aluminium sheets and bands
  • Aluminum Honeycomb Panel
  • Honeycomb Panel
  • Aluminum Honeycomb
  • aluminum panel
  • panels for partitioning
  • Double sided
  • Single sided
  • sound absorption
  • heat insulation
  • energy saving

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