Aluminum Machined parts
We custom produce aluminum parts  - MING XIAO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD


Ming Xiao Mfg engaged in turned parts manufacuring more than 15years, we have old lathe turning machine, automatic turning machine, and numerical control turning machine, we can optimize the turning processes to make the machining cost to be lowest, accurate tolerance dimensions we use Numerical control machine, and low toleracne requested dimensions we use old lathe machine to produce, and small turned parts we use automatic lathe machine to produce. We can custom all kinds metal lathe turning parts such as Tube coupling, hose coupling, turning parts, shaft, pipe joint parts, hose connectors & transition connectors, copper machined tube, flange,bushing, knighthead, pedestal, Piston Rod, insert long pin, Dowel Pin, Drive Pin & Rod,ball head bolt, long rod machined parts, long thread tube parts, nonstandard thread bolt & nut,Extension Rod, etc.

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