The basic principle of the treatment is skin peeling with the help of artificial diamond crystals together with the use of special medical solutions and vacuum. Vacuum suction softly removes all exfoliated particles off the face and body. Vacuum hydropeeling with diamond dermabrasion function that is run on AlviDerm beauty machine is an innovative aesthetic treatment of rejuvenation, cleansing and moisturizing of the skin. Vacuum stimulates skin metabolic process, improves skin elasticity and provides lymph drainage. Advantages: for any skin type; for any age group; year-round; no downtime; absence of anesthesia; painless; different type of nozzles for different skin areas (face and body); deep skin moisturizing; possibility to combine with other types of aesthetic treatments Indications: pigmentation spots; acne and post acne scars; stretch marks; expression lines; enlarged pores; photo aging.

Beauty salons - equipment
  • Diamond Hydro Microdermabrasion Machine
  • Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
  • Hydro Dermabrasion Device
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