Ambrette Seed Oil
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This oil is extracted and derived from the fully ripened seeds of the ambrette plant. This plant is native from India and is popularly known as Mushkdana or Kasturi Bhendi. An evergreen shrub, this plant is in West Indies, China and Indonesia. It contains constituents like ambrettolide, (Z)-7-hexadecen-16-olide), farnesol and ambrettolic acid . Ambrette oil is usually used for manufacturing high end, opulence cosmetics and perfume products. Often used for flavoring it enhances the tastes of baked products, chewing tobaccos, sweets and more.

Oils and resinoids

Product features

Botanical Name Abelmoschus moschatus medik
Method Of Extraction Steam distillation
Parts Used Fully ripened seeds
Aroma Sweet, floral, rich and musky
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