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Ameson is the leading manufacturer of protective packaging industry. All the products we supply are patented and manufactured by ourselves. Our distribution network are over 60 countries, and customers are over 90 countries. Thousands of warehouse fulfillments, including Amazon, Alibaba, IBM, Panasonic, Benz, etc. are using our products and intelligent packaging services every day. Brand: MINI AIR ®, PaperEZ ®, Magiwrap ®, Mini Foam ®, SuperAir ®, JifBag ®, TapeZ ® Certificate: CE / UL / PSE / SGS / AAR / ISO / Intertek / FSC / OK Compost / GRS Products: air cushion machine, air bubble & pillow, PLA sustainable materials, paper void fill, dunnage bags, foam in place, honeycomb paper, gummed paper tape dispenser, padded mailer, air column bags, etc. Email: / Mob / Wechat / Whatsapp: +86 181 5036 8610 Website: