Sodium Polyglutamate is a high molecular weight polymer consisting of L-glutamic acid. It is a hydrophilic humectant, which is produced by fermentation of halophilic archaebacteria: Natrialba aegyptiaca. The microorganism was discovered on the coast of salt lake in Egypt. Poly-gamma-L-glutamic acid is produced by the archaebacteria protecting themselves from the salted and dried environment. The moisturizing performance of AminoPGALE is less affected by salt than that of DL-form polymer: poly-gamma-DL-glutamic acid. INCI: Sodium Polyglutamate Property & Advantages Holds and retains moisture Leaves the hair easy to comb, supple, soft and shiny and / or imparts volume, lightness, gloss, etc. Maintains the skin in good condition


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