Specifications: Purity:4N,5N,6N Size:<50um,0.8-5um,-325mesh Colour:Black Cas No.:7440-42-8 EINECS No.:231-151-2 Properties: 1 MF:B 2 MW:10.81 3 Melting point:2300 ℃ ±2 ℃ 4 Sublimation temperature:2550 ℃ 5 Relative density:2.34-2.37 6 Solubility: Insoluble in water, hydrochloric acid, ethanol and ether, soluble in cold concentrated alkali solution decompose into hydrogen, by concentrated sulfuric acid, nitric acid oxidation into boric acid. Application: 1 It is mainly applied to metallurgy,medicine,ceram,nuke industry,chemical industry etc. 2 It can be used in alloy in the form of compounds or as additives. 3 It is an important raw material for making a variety of boride. 4 It also can be used as a catalyst of organic chemical reactions. Storage Conditions: Should be sealed and stored in a cool, drying chamber and should avoid exposing to the air in order to prevent moisture reunion which will affect the dispersion properties and result use. Stress should be avoided.

Metal powders
  • Amorphous Boron powder
  • Boron powder
  • Amorphous Boron

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