The amplifier module model 9243 is used wherever measurement signals from strain gauges, potentiometric sensors or DC/DC sensors have to be converted into standard signals. Simply by mounting on conventional DIN-mount rails, it is possible to position the amplifier module on location, in the proximity of the sensor. Especially for rough environments a IP65 version is available. The broad auxiliary power range and the choice between AC or DC permits operation on standard power supplies used in switch gear cabinets. A highly precise reference voltage source is built-in for calibration purposes. A calibrating shunt can also be connected via two separate terminals. Features: Accuracy < 0.05 % Outputs ± 5 V, ±10 V and 0 (4) - 20 mA 6 wire technique Isolation between signal and power supply Cut-off frequency 1 kHz, optional 4 kHz Configuration via DIP switches Easy installation on DIN mounting rail

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • Amplifier Module
  • Signal amplifier
  • measuring amplifier

Product features

Measurement accuracy < 0.05 % F.S.
Type of sensor Strain gauge , Potentiometer
Type of sensor DC/DC Transmitter
Interfaces Snap-in plug connection
Sensor excitation Strain gauge: 2.5 V, 5 V, 10 V
Sensor excitation Potentiometer: 5 V
Sensor excitation Transmitter orDC/DC 2.5 V, 5 V, 10 V
Protection class IP20 / IP65
Supply voltage 20 ... 36 VDC, 14 ... 26 VAC, < 3 VA

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