Also known as ‘Westindian sandal wood oil', Amyris oil is obtained by steam distillation of wood from this tree that belongs to the rue family. The oil has a pleasantly woody with a balsamic touch and is a great antiseptic, sedative, balsamic, calming agent and helps in stress relief. It also has sedative properties & helps during meditation. Chemical Composition : Valerianol, beta-eudesmol amd elemol, caryphyllene, cadinene and cadinol Oil Properties : Amyris Essential Oil includes sweet, warm, vanilla notes with a woody, cedar-like character. Pale yellow Blends With :Lavender, oakmoss, citronella, sassafras and other wood essentials. Uses- It has antiseptic, balsamic, sedative & calming properties and aids in providing relief from stress. It also acts as muscle relaxant, soothing agent, emollient and stimulant. Further, it is also used as a room fragrance or mood fragrance, fixative or as component of soap fragrance. It also has limited use in flavoring work especially liqueurs.

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Botanical Name Amyris balsamifera

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