Analysis of old mineral wool

Analysis of old mineral wool for WHO fibres and the carcinogenicity index KI


We offer you the classification of 'old mineral wool' or such mineral fibres without RAL quality mark regarding their carcinogenic risk potential The carcinogenicity index, KI, is a dimensionless quantity and is determined according to the material composition of the mineral fibres to be evaluated. According to IFA / BIA method 7488, it is calculated from the sum of the mass contents (in MA-%) of Na2O, K2O, CaO, MgO, BaO and B2O3 minus twice the mass content of Al2O3. Vitreous mineral fibres are classified according to the KI according to TRGS 905 as follows, if their dimensions correspond to the WHO - fibre - definition: (length > 5µm, diameter < 3 µm, ratio length : diameter > 3 : 1) Glassy WHO fibres with a carcinogenicity index KI <= 30 are classified in category 1B. WHO vitreous fibres with a carcinogenicity index KI > 30 and KI < 40 are classified in category 2. WHO vitreous fibres shall not be classified as carcinogenic if their carcinogenicity index KI >= 40.

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