Analytical balances

Mass Comparator MC-100K, 101000g x 0,1g


Mass Comparator MC-100K, 101000g x 0,1g Precision balance with extended resolution for management of masses in the OIML Class F1 or below Extra decimal place for monitoring fine weight changes with heavy tare weights, stabilizing filter to lessen errors due to drafts or vibrations, Auto-centering pan to avoid corner-load errors and ensure higher accuracy (optional), internal calibration mass for simplified calibration of the balance, Equipped with a glass breeze break (MC-1000/6100) or simple breeze break (MC-10K/30K) as standard, Fast stabilization of approx. 1.5 seconds, GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output, large bright vacuum fluorescent display, multiple weighing units of measurement

Product features

Design of weighing range Single range
Type of adjustment Internal
Battery operation No
Scale pan width 386 mm
Length of scale pan 346 mm
Windshield opening manual
Net weight 18 kg
Type of output signal RS 232

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