DESCRIPTION:-Gul hina attar is extracted by the process of hydro distillation from the fresh flowers of hina. The different therapeutic and medicinal properties of this attar precisely include antiseptic, febrifuge, antispasmodic, astringent and many others. The main components of this particular perfume oil are sandalwood essential oil and hina flower essential oil. The country which gave birth to this oil is India. This attar has got famous due to its exotic and very calming fragrance. uses , it is used in the preparation of many perfumes. Both men and women have become a great fan of this attar and prefer choosing those perfumes only which have the fragrance of this particular perfume oil. You can also go on using the perfume having the fragrance of it

Oils and resinoids
  • Attars
  • Indian Attars
  • Traditional Attars


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