Angle Encoder Modules - MRP 2000 series

Angle Encoder Modules - MRP 2000 series


Angle encoder modules from HEIDENHAIN are combinations of angle encoders and high-precision bearings that are optimally adjusted to each other. They are characterized by their high degree of measuring and bearing accuracy, their very high resolution, and the highest degree of repeatability. The low starting torque permits smooth motions. Due to their design as completely specified and tested composite components, handling and installation is very simple. Setup Since HEIDENHAIN manufactures the bearings as well as the encoders, the two functional assemblies are highly integrated. Fewer components are necessary than in conventional solutions, resulting in fewer joints. This permits a very compact and rigid design, with particularly low overall heights. Currently, angle encoder modules with hollow shafts of 35 mm and 100 mm are available.

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Product features

Measuring standard SUPRADUR / DIADUR circular scale
Signal periods 30 000 / 16 384
System accuracy ± 2.5” or ± 5”
Interface 1 VPP / EnDat 2.2
Power supply 5 V DC ± 0.25 V / 3.6 V to 14 V DC

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