The angle encoders without integral bearing (modular angle encoders) are intended for integration in machine elements or apparatuses. They are suited for the following requirements: Large hollow shaft diameter (up to 10 m with a scale tape) High shaft speeds up to 40000 rpm No additional starting torque from shaft seals Segment solutions Angle encoders without integral bearing The angle encoders without integral bearing (modular angle encoders) ERP, ERO and ERA consist of two components—a scanning head and a graduation carrier, which must be aligned with each other during mounting. The eccentricity of the shaft as well as installation and adjustment therefore have a decisive effect on the achievable accuracy. Modular angle encoders are available with various graduation carriers • ERP/ERO: Glass circular scale with hub • ERA 4000: Steel drum • ERA 7000/8000: Steel tape

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
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Product features

Interface 1 VPP
Cutoff frequency –3 dB ≥ 350 kHz
Voltage supply 5 V DC ± 0.5 V
Measuring standard Steel drum
Expansion factor αtherm ≈ 10.5 · 10-6 K-1

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