Angular disk frame-saw of MAA


There is an angular disk frame-saw of MAA in-process. A sawing process is automated and produced by means of next equipment: •loading rack with transporter •angular disk machine-tool •conveyor for sawdust removal •operator's cabin •hydraulic flow of logs Advantages: •High productivity (15-25 m3, when shift work is 12 hours ) • imported components (Sati (Italy), Hidrocel (Turkey)) • Modular line design assumes possible modernization in the future; • High quality of the received material; • Using a hydraulic system, which allows you to: - Reduce the weight and dimensions of the equipment - The time for starting and accelerating the motor is a fraction of a second, which is unattainable for large electric motors (several kilowatts). - Frequent on-off, stop and reverse movements are not dangerous for the motor. -The law of movement of the shaft of the hydraulic motor can be easily changed by using the means of regulating the hydraulic drive.

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