Animal Feed additive Lipid Solve

Animal Feed additive Lipid Solve


LipidSolve helps livestocks fat digestibility in their feed effectively. It contains a combination of emulsifying ingredients that all kinds of fat. - Hydrophilic, hydrophobic emulsifiers (four emulsifiers) - As a complex ingredient, it emulsifies oil of all kinds. - Increased fat digestion efficiency. <Our Company> Affluent life and Add value to your life and Environment With Daeho We will do our best to satisfy you with new and helpful information Daeho founded at 1986 under company philosophy “Affluent life and green environment" After foundation, we have only focused in feed additives and animal medicines composed of natural materials such as microorganisms, enzymes, photobiotic and organic acid without any assistance of chemical materials.

  • Food for livestock and poultry
  • veterinary pharmaceutical
  • animal supplementary feed

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South Korea
Swine, Poultry, Cow

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