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Anin is a Nama word that translates to many birds. The Nama People is a member of the Khoikhoi people of Namibia and live in the Southern parts of the vast Namibia. Heidi von Hase established Anin Embroidery in 1987 by initially supplying materials and providing creative direction to the women. The motifs chosen mostly depicted the many birds of Anin itself and familiar scenes from village life in Hoachanas – set against a backdrop of makeshift houses and dusty yards. Strips of fabric and threads were given to the embroidering ladies to work onto. These strips formed both the functional and aesthetic appeal that is still the core feature of the ‘anin style’ today. Finding this practically creative way to create a functional craft by sewing up tablecloths, cushion covers and later bed linen, Heidi took the women’s skills to another level. Tourists came from far and wide to see the craftsmanship of incredibly gifted hands and purchase a souvenir for friends and family.