The annular gap expander consists of a thick-walled mixing tube with replaceable liners and cantilevered shaft which is provided with proportioning, mixing and kneading elements. The hydraulically adjustable cone at the outlet together with the outlet ring form the patented annular gap. By adjusting the cone during operation, pressure, kneading intensity, product heating and energy consumption can be controlled and programmed continuously and without delay. The maximum pressure is about 40 bar; the operating temperatures at the expander outlet are between 90 and 140 °C. At the outlet, the pressure drops spontaneously, the product expands, and a part of the added water evaporates (flash evaporation). Post-drying is not required. The particle size of the expanded product can be determined by means of the downstream crushing device. Interested parties and customers can test the annular gap expander with their own mixtures in our pilot plant in Reinbek/Hamburg. Our cooperation...


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