Anti-corrosion PTFE varnishes
Operating temperatures: -60 to +125 °C or up to 250 °C for short periods of time  - PLASTPOLYMER-PROM, LLC


Anti-friction composition is a mixture of polymeric binders and organic solvents filled with PTFE-4D. This composition is used to insulate wires and cover metal products with an anti-friction coating that protects them against atmospheric corrosion. A coating made of anti-friction composition combines valuable technical properties of fluoropolymers, such as high chemical, weather and tropical resistance, elasticity, heat and frost resistance, as well as good dielectric and anti-friction properties. It provides good adhesion to metals, fiberglass, a number of plastics, wood, rubber, glass and other materials. Our anti-friction coatings can used as a solid lubricant: -in hard-to-get-at spots in equipment at a high specific pressure on the coating; -in dusty conditions when conventional lubricants are ineffective; -in equipment working in seawater. Our anti-friction coatings are produced in accordance with technical standards and the state sanitary norms and regulations.

Anti-corrosion coatings
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