Anti hair loss Serum Meddis Hair Loss Program, 100 ml

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A permanent serum concentrate with a set of active ingredients for: - strengthening and stimulating the growth of new hair with the proven effect of the active ingredient AnaGain™ - stimulating care and enhanced hair nutrition - strengthening the protective functions of the scalp AnaGain™ 4% (pea sprout extract) activates the growth phase of the hair follicle and prevents hair loss. Trichogen® VEG (a complex of amino acids, proteins, vitamins and plant extracts) prevents and reduces hair loss, strengthens and promotes hair growth. Nettle extract normalizes the sebaceous glands. Ginseng extract normalizes the process of cell renewal, which improves the breathing of scalp cells. Capsicum extract increases microcirculation to improve the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the hair roots. Burdock root extract nourishes and stimulates hair growth. Vitamin PP activates blood supply. Panthenol deeply moisturizes and regenerates.

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100 ml

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08301 Boryspil - Ukraine